Private Home

Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville Florida

Rated #3 of 5 Great Cities for Retirees

by Yahoo Real Estate

       City Population        99,159

                                                  Metro Population     536,357

                                                              Cost of Living Index   100

                                                              Median Household Income  $49,411

                                                              No State Income Tax

                                                              Proximity to Melbourne Airport (8) miles

The Space Coast may lack substantial cultural or artistic attractions, but it more than makes up for them with low taxes and beautiful beaches. Palm Bay is a hot spot for seaside activities such as boating and fishing as well as the more landlocked hobbies of hiking tennis and golf.

Pros:  Warm climate, proximity to international airport and major cruise port, huge range of outdoor activities.

Cons: Small public transportation system, hurricane risk from June to November


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